Comment, attitude and opinion are guilt?

Is there still anywhere in the world, where comment, attitude and opinion are guilt???

I think many of my friends know what I mean. I just want to tell The World (Also one that rules us.) how I feel. Many times, I think I am in a very civilised society. But, many attitudes I have to face is still in the dinosaur world… Guys, I just wanna let u comment how u feel about the situation that happened. All of your comments gonna be encouragement, not guilt as mine…

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3 Responses to Comment, attitude and opinion are guilt?

  1. Chayanin 說道:

    i dont really understand what you mean by guilt….

  2. Paworn Clover 說道:

    Ha! I know damn too well what you\’re talking about. That was infuriating, wasn\’t it? Well, c\’est la vie, ie. shit happens.

  3. Charles 說道:

    Yeah, c\’est le vie. I just hope La Vie after this gonna be En Rose.


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