In the bed. What’s the meaning of life?

Yesterday, when I was in my bed (I ‘m still wondering , why the word "In bed" in Thai is "บนเตียง" in Chinese is "床上" that mean "On bed" in Finnish "Sängyssä" means the same thing as "In bed" but all of these words make the same sense in different languages. Preposition is the most complicated feature in all languages.) Sorry, I am just going to get into the topic right now.

I though about the meaning of life! How to make the life more valuable? Many people may say "be good". Then, what is the meaning of goodness? Many people may have many ways, for example, helping people, being good religious, devoting for the nation, protecting the environment, etc.

It has become too difficult to definite "What good people should do" since human society turned into such complicated. I have made several kinds of human in my mind. (Attention! this is just my own opinion.)

– Money worship! I also ask myself if I should mix this kind of people into capitalism. What’s money? I ask myself again. Paper? Coin? Credit Card? What’s the value for those people? I don’t believe that who on earth would be idiot enough to be a paper worship. Isn’t it just because of the value that we suppose it to be in those material? In the other way, would that be just illusion? What can we buy by money? Houses? Cars? Foods? Holiday tour package? Computer? Are day made of money? For me, no! So I just continue controlling those people by the illusion that they make it by themselves.

-Artist, many artists try to show the people that they are unique.I agree, I think I have a lot in common with this kind of human. But I can feel that some of them just copy , try to imitate someone else (and that "someone else" may have imitated another "someone else") Artists, Yo!! Are u sure that u hav notting in common wit anyone else? Human always imitates each other, both conscientiously and unconscientiously.

-conservatives, there are many kinds of conservatives in the world, in Thailand, there are so many conservative people who try to rule the society (mostly over-40-year old) "It is Thai culture, you must not show your love relationship in the public place!" Who the heck you are, old bitch! How dare you definite the social being by yourself? "This girl always show her sexuality to tempt the boys, Thai society won’t accept her!" This bitch also dares to definite "her society" as "Thai society", Holy Shit! How many societies there are in Thailand, one person also can take a part in several societies. I hate the word stereotype. Human should be free to be what it wanna be!

This is the most stupid blog I do have written! But for my satisfactory, it is the best.

本篇發表於 未分類。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

6 Responses to In the bed. What’s the meaning of life?

  1. valve 說道:

    hahaha! i fully agree with you!
    i feel really weird here that i never date any boy before, i never watch American pie before… and stuffs like that just becasue i live in Thailand and don\’t do stuffs like that is what we should do… suck!

  2. Charles 說道:

    About American pie, I\’ve watched all of them in Thailand. (It\’s the guilt of Thai society that make me able to watch it when I was so young…) I think it is not just a comedy, but it tells the psychological truth of cheeky or sexism boys why them become so. I want to change the point of view of Thai society, but not to be a politician. (one of my AFS friends I met in Finland advised me to take part in politic when I go back to my homeland, but I said "no", there are not so many "good" politicians in Thailand, I don\’t wanna take risk to be a "bad" one. How unreasonable am I?)

  3. Pattararanee 說道:

    ถ้างั้น น้องศร เป็นอาจารย์ในมหาวิทยาลัยสิคะ จะได้ทำในสิ่งที่อยากทำ ^O^

  4. Pattararanee 說道:

    ถ้างั้น น้องศร เป็นอาจารย์ในมหาวิทยาลัยสิคะ จะได้ทำในสิ่งที่อยากทำ ^O^

  5. Err Adis 說道:


  6. Boon 說道:



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