A simple day on the country side of Finland

Simple days passed, I’d rather get better. I still cannot forget it. She is in my mind, I think she may get bored of me. I am so annoying in her view. I should stop it. No love you want from a bad guy like you, Soravis. You should admire what you have. That’s your fate, you must be with the girl who loves you, not the the girl you love. Don’t try against it, idiot. Your try is no use… Saying "I love you" or "Rakastan sinua" help nothing… Älä sano VITTU. Tuo on huonompi kuin et sano sanakaan. Unohta, jos haluat tehdä parasta. Tee vain jota sinun täytyy. NÄKEMIIN… kusipää
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2 Responses to A simple day on the country side of Finland

  1. Pattararanee 說道:

    แนะนำให้ พูดหน้ากระจกค่ะ
    มันจะช่วยให้เรา รู้ตัวได้ดีขึ้นนะ พี่เคยทำแล้วได้ผลค่ะ
    *ขอให้ชนะใจตัวเองนะคะ ^^

  2. Nonthadej 說道:

    I don\’t understand much about your Finnish text. I think you should calm yourself and think that in the future you still have more chance to see another girl that better than her. Let she love one whom she loves because she let you love one whom you love also. Hope you will feel better.



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