Sorry everyone, I wrote pretty bad Chinese last time…เราแค่รู้สึกว่าเราเริ่มบ้าๆบอๆอีกแล้ว… I have found myself falling in love with a girl. But I have a girlfriend and she also has a boyfriend. What should I do? I try to forget to love her, I can’t control myself. It will be a catastrophe if I tell her everything. She may not be able to accept that, and how about my girlfriend? Should I care about her? It is so difficult decision. I don’t know what I should do. "Vittu! En tiedä miksi en osaa elää sama kuin normaliset elämät!" Jumala, kertokaa minulle, miksi en voi rakastaa häntä. Olen SAATANA! En mitään voi tehdä…
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  1. Nonthadej 說道:

    I want to have a girlfriend either but I haven\’t found one yet. My AFS friends in my town seemed to have different preferences from me.



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