Minä en oli humalassa! (I was not drunken!)

On Friday, I went to see Sally (a German girl, you can see her photo in my album Finland 1) at her home. She said her host sister had a party I could have a part there. I asked her address, she told me Limpila road NO.3…. I didn’t live in Kajaani city so it was quite difficult to find there on my own. She invited also Ulla(Belgian Girl) and Kristian(Alaskan Boy). I went to the supermarket to buy something to join her. I found MAMA in that supermarket… I was very proud the product of my country comes international here!!! I took 2 packs, I bought also Coca-Cola Light lime 1,50Litres, 2 bottles of beer, Salmon (My favorite dish) and some candy. They cost me 7.85€ And I got some coin… I used them to play SLOT MACHINE!!! Here, slot machines are legal and available in all supermarket. First game, I put 1.00€ to bet I got 1.20€ back. I decided to stop in the first time… But as you know it is very difficult to stop when you get. I played again with that 1.20€… I losed all!!! I swear, I won’t touch this kind of game any more!!!! I lost 1Euro because of that stupid machine… Then I walked to Sally’s home. It took about 15 minutes to walk around there but it took an hour to find her house!!! The way to her home was very complicated… I was outside more than an hour without gloves ( It was 2 degrees celcius that time.) Sally had to come to pick me up. The party was very great! I met a lot of new friends there. Some of them were drunken. So I have learnt new Finnish word… Olla humalassa = To be drunken… I can say "Sinä olet humalassa, minä en ole humalassa!" = "You are drunken, I am not drunken" Everyone laughed. I was back home at midnight.
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3 Responses to Minä en oli humalassa! (I was not drunken!)

  1. Err Adis 說道:

    ปล. ได้โปสการ์ดแล้ว กรูว่าจะส่งหาเมิงเร็วๆนี้ล่ะว่ะ

  2. Err Adis 說道:


  3. Charles 說道:

    ชื่อเก๋นะเนี่ยเหล้าไทย เจ้าหนอนชิมเม่โจไต๊ไม่เมาแย่หรือเนี่ย



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