Yksi päivä Suomessa (A day in Finland)

What a day today! Many things come to me. In the morning, my Thai SIM card was dissappeared, oh no, if I can’t find it, it will mean I must buy new one when I go back to Thailand. 8.00AM the bus came but my bus card value ran out! (It’s like Metro card in Bangkok.) Fortunately, the driver was so kind, he let me add value and pay him tomorrow. 9.00AM, I arrived school, and I had to encounter the exam of the most terrible subject for me, Maths! There were 9 articles, it let me choose 6 of them, the full mark was 36. I could do about 5 and a half of them. and I some of them I was not sure. Then I had lunch. After lunch, I went to the bus station to add the value of the card. I had only 5.25€ it was not enough to add, so I had to go to ATM, and took the money. I pressed the bottons to take €140(for 1 and a half months), then the card and the bill came out, but money didn’t! So I screamed like a crazy guy. My Finnish friend came to see the recipt, she told me that the bill was written I could take only €100 per day and my money was still in the account… So I took €100 and felt like coming back from the hell. I went to the bus station and paid €67 for 1,000 KM. That was enough for me about a month, but AFS will pay me that transportation fare. I can speak quite a lot of Finnish now I can talk with my friends at school in Finnish.

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3 Responses to Yksi päivä Suomessa (A day in Finland)

  1. Err Adis 說道:

    I\’m sure you are very happy.
    now my school is close
    I have F. (ร.) in science subject.
    Yeh Yeh I not happy in love but so glad in political in thailand
    55+นายกโดนปลด ตอนนี้กลายเป็นระบบเผด็จการแล้ว
    so…i miss you. your friend are miss you.

  2. Charles 說道:

    Oh! you got "I"? You are going to take the entrance exam this year… Don\’t be lazy (like me). And have you recived my postcard? Answer me… See Ya!

  3. Patharapa 說道:

    How are you Sorn.
    สบายดีใช่มั้ยจ้า ไปอยู่ฟินแลนด์ก็ตั้งใจเรียนน้า แปลกๆเหมือนกันเนาะ อีกแปปเดียวก็เรียนจบแล้วว ไม่ค่อยอยากจบเท่าไหร่เล้ย
    เอื้องเอง . ..



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